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Health and fitness is more than your internal appearance. A body composition scan helps you understand your body better to acheive ultimate results.

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In-Depth Body

Body Composition Scans
In-Depth Body Scans is a dedicated and highly experienced body composition scan provider based on the Sunshine Coast.

From Brisbane to Hervey Bay, In-Depth Body Scans works to help you achieve health and fitness goals by understanding what’s going on internally so you can better support what happens externally.

Results in a minute

Your body composition scan takes just 1min, with detailed results in 5mins

Before, during & after

There’s no minimum or maximum number of body composition scans required.


The body composition scanner is fully mobile, so we can come to you wherever you are.

For anyone

No health, age, height or weight restraints

App – follow your success

Download the app so you can review your results wherever you go.

Differs from other technology

Doesn’t use industry standards or comparison data so produces 100% body composition results.


Remove shoes and socks, stand on the machine and hold the handlebars. It’s that simple.

Book your Indepth Body Scan today! Call us on 0422 099 477.

Who benefits from a

Body Composition Scan?

Everyone. Regardless of age, weight, gender, fitness level or current goals, we’ve got you covered.

Health & Wellness Organisations

Via our body composition scans, we’ll work directly with you to help your clients achieve more.


Healthy staff equals happy staff. Let’s focus on their health and wellness together.


Know you, inside and out. Body composition scans are perfect for personal health and fitness challenges or just to understand what’s going on within your body.
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