About In-Depth Body Scans


As a qualified personal trainer and Ying Yoga instructor, running In-Depth Body Scans and completing studies in NeuroPhysics, fitness and education is a huge passion of mine. For me, it’s all about health and wellness as I know the impact a healthy lifestyle can have on anyone.  I also know how making better choices can completely change your life.

I aim to live life to its absolute fullest and feel that starts with understanding your body composition. Knowing exactly what’s happening internally means you can gain a greater understanding of what’s needed to achieve your health and fitness goals. Without a body composition scan, this knowledge is hard to come by.

As a Sunshine Coast local, I enjoy just about everything this incredible community has to offer.

 My approach with In-Depth Body Scans and the body composition scan as a whole, is unique in that our method is tailored specifically to you and your needs. I’m a mum to a teenage boy.

I have two businesses and am studying so I appreciate all the challenges life can throw at us. One thing I consistently believe in, however, is that it’s up to us to take control and create the life we want. While a body composition scan is a small part of this much bigger picture, I’ve seen firsthand how the knowledge and insight it provides it can lead to some powerful, life changing moments.I started In-Depth Body Scans as I feel it’s a terrific step anyone can take, regardless of current fitness level or end goals. Becoming aware of our body composition teaches us so much more than what we traditionally understood about what it means to be healthy.

I’m here to help you take a step towards achieving your individual health and fitness goals, but it doesn’t end there. The great thing about In-Depth Body and getting body composition scans is that we will be here to help keep you on track and hold you accountable, which is a proven aspect of success.

In-Depth Body Scans looks forward to guiding on your health and wellness journey soon.

Real People. Real Results.

Tamara provides a great service with a thorough explanation of your in-depth body scan…. so you can get the best results with understanding where you’re at and how to achieve your training / nutritional & health goals! Accountability is where it’s at.

Tonina Brown

Tamara has a wealth of knowledge, incredibly genuine and down to earth. Can’t wait to change a few things and see what the next scan brings 😊

Diane Andrell

I recently participated in a 6 week challenge at Fusion Maroochydore who chose the measure our results using in-depth body scans! It’s amazing how much information this machine can show is amazing. Plus Tamara and her team were also very helpful and knowledgeable. It is such a great way to track your progress.
Michelle Wessel