Why should I do a body composition scan?

An In-Depth Body Scan will show you exactly what’s happening internally; something that’s extremely difficult to track without doing this or seeking other medical test. It allows you and your trainer to make educated decisions on areas to target and areas to make changes. Body composition scans offer a myriad of information, which you can find more about here.

Is there anyone who should avoid getting a scan done?

A body composition scan is not recommended for the following people:

  • Anyone with a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator

Women with the following circumstances can still have scans without any implications however,  accurate results may not be achieved due to variances in water content:

  • Pregnant women – no harm can be done to your fetus
  • Menstruating women

How long does the scan take?

The body composition scan is really quick. You can be on and off the machine within 30 – 60 seconds. We do, however, recommend taking an extra 10 minutes to go through your results with us.

What do I need to do to prepare for my body composition scan?

An In-Depth Body Scan is best carried out first thing in the morning as this is the time your body is in its most natural state. There is no real preparation required prior to a scan but regardless of the time you get it done, we highly recommend not eating 2 hours before the scan, with limited water intake as well as no exercising 4 hours prior.

What should I wear?

Please wear light weight clothing and avoid anything that covers your hands and feet as these are the areas required to be in contact with the machine during the body composition scan. We also recommend removing any heavy jewellery and metal items, as well as any other accessories.

Can I eat and drink prior to my scan?

Please avoid eating 2 hours prior to a body composition scan. The reason being, any food mass will be included in your weight and may produce inaccurate results. If for any reason you can’t do this, please give us a call or make sure it’s only a small, light portion of food.

Should I exercise before my scan?

Avoiding exercising 4 hours prior to a body composition scan is highly recommended as any type of exercise can cause temporary changes in our body that may impact results.

Are there any side effects to the scan?

No, not at all. The body composition scan is carried out using bioelectrical impedance, which are extremely minor electrical currents that have zero impact on your body and are 100% harmless. The InBody scanner has met with Australian safety standards as well as Europe, USA & Korea.

What happens if I move or talk during my body composition scan?

We ask you to remain still and quiet during the scan as movement, including vocal cord vibrations and the contraction of muscles, will be detected by the electrical currents and may lead to inaccurate results.

Should I use the bathroom pre-scan?

Yes please. While it doesn’t impact most elements of the body composition scan, it can affect overall body weight. So to ensure the most accurate results, it’s best to go just prior to your scan.

Can I still get a scan done if I have my period?

Yes, you can. Please be aware, however, that water content varies during your cycle meaning results produced during your body composition scan may not be 100% accurate.

My question hasn’t been answered, what should I do?

Give In-Depth Body Scans a call on 0422 099 477 or email indepthbody@gmail.com and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.