How it works

In-Depth Body uses the premier machine associated with body composition scans, InBody, which are 100% backed by science, and who are a trusted worldwide supplier.

What we love about this body composition scanner is it doesn’t produce results based off industry standards. For example, Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), the method behind every machine and analysis, generally produce results based on comparisons with industry standards. With the InBody scanner, a 32 year old female body composition scan will precisely measure what is happening within her body alone, rather than comparing it against the standards for others her age, gender & weight.

The InBody body composition scanner is so simple to use. By removing socks and shoes only, then stepping accurately on the machine and holding two ‘handlebars’, the InBody machine takes one minute to scan the entire body, collating the information required to tell you exactly what’s happening within your body. You will receive information that includes: