Who should use In-Depth Body Scans?

Health and Wellness Organisations

Help your clients understand their body in more detail by tracking their progress and ultimately, their transformation. A body composition scan will not only educate them on what it means to be healthy, but it will support the impact exercise and good nutrition has on our body. By partnering with In-Depth Body Scans and offering clients regular body composition scans, you can:

  • Continually motivate clients by showing them what is happening internally as well as externally
  • Gain highly accurate data to assist with challenges, while inspiring participants to push harder
  • Show clients the impact your program or plan is having on their body
  • Stay exactly where you are. There’s no need to send clients elsewhere as we’ll come to you


One of the biggest challenges in any workplace is staff productivity and motivation. It’s proven that healthier staff are happier and more productive, leading to higher retention rates and better overall results for your company. Body compositions scans by In-Depth Body Scans can help you by:

  • Providing regular scans for your staff
  • Motivating staff towards healthier living by educating them on what’s happening within their bodies
  • Helping you stay aware of the health status of your staff
  • Identifying any team members that may benefit from extra support


Keeping yourself motivated can sometimes be tough but being held accountable often means action and, ultimately results. Why should you use get a body composition scan with In-Depth Body? There’s plenty of reasons:

  • Educate yourself on what’s happening within your body
  • By understanding what’s happening in your body you can target your needs better
  • It’s simple and takes no time at all
  • If you aren’t feeling results externally, look internally. Seeing a change, even if it’s small, is a powerful tool to keep you motivated
  • We can scan in the comfort of your home or ours